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Stop in and say hello - Shelby will welcome you...it may be better if you call first...


Guard dog, Rottweiler

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We have recently taken our long-time breeding program off of our priority list.

So many other things are occupying our time these days, family, riding, cleaning up bush and fixing fences for instance...


We are always available to talk horses and may be able to help with recommending a stallion, locating a gelding or mare, or finding a boarding farm if that is what you are looking for.







If you are in the area, please give us a call to make sure we are home, and stop in for a visit!


Apparently, there are some horses out there who still do not have their own stall plaque...

We are still making them, so keep the orders rolling in!

They make great Christmas gifts and awards, or a nice touch when selling a horse, order yours now!

Oak Plaque with Inlay $18.95


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